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Walleo, Waweegee's brother.

Walleo is an odd version of Wario and brother of WalWeeGee. He is a recolor of Mario's sprite from DOS game Mario is Missing!. In Achille12345's videos, Walleo is the archenemy of Malleo and one of the protagonists fighting alongside Link in CD-I Fight Special Episode 3 Part 1. He also appears in Youtube Poop: The last stand against WeeGee.


Unlike the evil Malleo and WeeGee, Walleo and his brother WalWeeGee are good and eradicate evil wherever they find it. In Youtube Poop: The last stand against WeeGee Part 3, Walleo arrived at the very last moment when his brother, WalWeeGee was about to get killed by WeeGee and Malleo. After healing WalWeeGee, he put up a good fight with Malleo and even managed to make him bleed because of the powerful punch. Sadly, he was taken down quickly by a powerful blast after Malleo went full power.

Walleo and WalWeeGee also appear briefly during the Youtube Poop: The Evil King arc, in which it is mentioned they defeated the corrupted The King despite him being gorged on thousands of souls.

In CD-I Fight Special Episode 3 Part 1, he and his brother assist Link, The King and Morshu in the battle against WeeGee, Malleo and Yushee.


Walleo uses abilities similar to Malleo's and WeeGee's (close combat and energy generation), but specializes in healing his teammates rather than fighting. Similarly to Malleo, he can generate large fireballs, but seems to be unable to fire giant energy beams. Just like his brother, Walleo is significantly weaker than his evil counterpart. Unlike Malleo and WeeGee, Walleo has no further forms (at least none known so far).

Power Levels

Universe 18/20

(260 Million)

Walleo (Full Power)
(330 Million)

​Universe 3

(260 Million)