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Waweegee, Walleo's brother.

WalWeeGee is an odd version of Waluigi, a recolor of WeeGee (Luigi's sprite from educational DOS game Mario is Missing!), and possibly a spirit lurking in Waluigi's body.

In Achille12345's videos, WalWeeGee's the rival of WeeGee similar to how Waluigi's the rival of Luigi, and, just like his brother Walleo, he fights on  the side of righteousness. He appeared in The Last Stand Against WeeGee and was on Link's team in CD-I Fight Special Episode 3 part 1. He is a skillful fighter, who proved to be a serious challenge for WeeGee.


After killing The King in part two of The Last Stand Against WeeGee, WeeGee continued his reign of terror on humanity. One day, he was taken by surprise by WalWeeGee himself and engaged into a fight with him. Surprisingly, WalWeeGee was winning and he probably could even defeat WeeGee if not the sudden interference of Malleo. They both teamed up to defeat WalWeeGee. He was saved at the last second by Walleo, who even tried to heal him, but it wasn't enough. Malleo obliterated our purple-nosed hero with a powerful energy blast.

Walleo and WalWeeGee also appear briefly during the "Evil King" arc, in which it is mentioned they defeated the corrupted King despite him being gorged on thousands of souls.

In the CD-I Fight Special Episode, he and his brother assist Link, The King and Morshu in the battle against WeeGee, Malleo and Yushee.


WalWeeGee uses abilities similar to Malleo's and WeeGee's (close combat and energy generation). Just like his brother, he is significantly weaker than his evil counterpart. Unlike Malleo and WeeGee, WalWeeGee has no further forms (at least none known so far).