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WeeMallSheeGas is a special form of WeeGee fused together with Yushee and Malleo. His name ends with '-Gas' because of his resemblance to Giygas, the astoundingly creep) final boss from the SNES game EarthBound. WeeMallSheeGas is seen in one of the Achille12345's videos called CD-I Fight Special Episode 3 Part 1.


In CD-i Fight 3, Weegee, Malleo and Yushee were fighting Link's team containing Majin King, SSJ1 Morsayen, Walleo and Waweegee. Link has temporarily backed out from the fight. He had lost his Triforce form after getting his arm and leg broken by Ultimate Weegee and had to wait until he could use it again. After becoming Triforced Link once more, he managed to defeat Weegee's team without any problems. Weegee's spirit couldn't accept such failure and ordered Weegee to fuse with his comrades, creating WeeMallSheeGas. He has a far higher power level than the trio combined (17,000,000,000,000) or seventeen trillion, while Weegee has (700,000,000), or seven hundred million, making him one of the strongest creatures alive.

His attacks are mostly coming out of his six eyes as lazer beams. He can also take form of any opponent he wants. For example, he can transform into Ultimate WeeGee, Link, The King, or even as a little Octorok. Using these transformations doesn't effect his power, but depending on the form he takes it will affect what kind of attacks he can use.


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