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Yushee is the Weegee of Yoshiwho had originated on Yoshi's sprite from educational DOS game called Mario is Missing!. He is not a meme like Weegee or Malleo, mainly because he is not popular at all.

There is not much known about him except that he's a part of the powerful evil trio (WeeGee, Malleo, Yushee). Yushee appeared in Episode 2 of the CD-I Fight, reviving Weegee, and in part one of Episode 3 of the CD-i Fight, when he attacked Triforced Link from behind pulling him up with his extremely long tongue.

Powers and abilities


Yushee is definitely the weakest of the trio. However, he can still be a threat because of his dangerous skills.

One of those is Steal, for which Yushee uses his long tongue to steal and devour opponents' weaponry. It has also been implied he could devour foes whole. Another powerful skill he uses, and presumably his ultimate, is Egg Barrage, which fires massive amounts of eggs out of his posterior. While individually weak, those eggs are fired with the speed of a machine gun and can deal immense damage to enemies.

Unlike the other members of the Weegee trio, Yushee has no Ultimate form nor any other unique forms like Fire Flower Malleo, but he has a Super Yushee (who is billions stronger than the normal Yushee).

There is a Super Blue Yushee.



Yushee is the same nickname of Mario's Rapidash in CD-i Pokemon Tournament.