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Zelda in CD-I Zelda games.




Spellcaster (long range)




Neutral Good


Smart, Rational, Helpful


Luigi, Morshu, Link, The King, Mario



Skill in Guns Fight:

90/150 (Elite)

Princess Zelda is the princess of Hyrule and the daughter of King Harkinian (AKA The King). She is the titular character of the Legend of Zelda franchise developed and published by Nintendo. This incarnation hails from the infamous non-canon CD-I Zelda games, Link: The Faces of Evil, and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon (where she was the main protagonist). In the former, she was kidnapped by Ganon and needed to be saved by Link. After being saved following Ganon's defeat, she looked over the restored Koridai on Gwonam's magic carpet, and she laughed when Link thought his efforts were worth a kiss from her (she's kind of a jerk in that game). In the latter game, her father goes to Gamelon to aid Duke Onkled in a battle against Ganon's forces. A month passes after he sets sail, and he never returns. Zelda sends Link to find him out of worry for her father's safety, but she winds up going there herself with Impa when Link doesn't come back either. After a long journey, Zelda saves Gamelon, captures the traitorous Duke Onkled, defeats Ganon with the Wand of Gamelon and a randomly appearing Book of Koridai, finds her father and ends up saving Link when she breaks a handheld mirror (but when Link suddenly materializes after the mirror's destruction, Zelda isn't the least bit confused or surprised and doesn't question him or the mirror's owner).

In Achille12345's videos

In The Evil King, Zelda helps her friends (and Ganon) take out The King at Hyrule Castle without too much difficulty. However, after the first round, she's killed and has her soul absorbed (along with Impa's) by her father when he regains consciousness, having survived the beatings he took from the entire group.

In CD-I Pokémon Tournament, Zelda wins against Wizzrobe, Glutko and Militron, and makes it to the quarterfinals, where she ends up fighting Duke Onkled in a Pokémon battle. Zelda commands an entire team of legendary Pokémon and uses them to defeat the Duke's team. Later, while she's walking around in the Mushroom Kingdom, she sees Bowser fall from the sky after he'd been overkilled by Mario and Luigi's Anti-Bowser Beam attack. Zelda goes over to him and steals his Pokéballs. Bowser then gets up to attempt to get them back, only for him to get overkilled again by an arrow shot from a dancing archer. Zelda, surprised at what happened, slowly walks away.

Zelda appears to be primarily an offensive spellcaster. She specializes in long range combat with her magic, using abilities like Meteor Storm. In CD-I Super Guns Fight, she is a powerful unit rivaling Mario but being surpassed by her father (who is on the evil team) and Link.


Princess Zelda, Princess of Hyrule